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Google Cast Video & Audio

Cover art

iOS 10+

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Up to 24 bit/192kHz

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10-band equaliser

Internet radio

AVSub Features

AVSub is an iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad client for Subsonic, an open source music streamer. You can access your entire music collection using your iPhone or iPad. AVSub supports all popular music formats including MP3 and FLAC for true lossless music reproduction.

Multiple Audio Formats

AVSub supports MP3, Opus, Vorbis, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, DSD, AAC & WMA. It can even output digital audio up to 24bit/192kHz

Full Bluetooth Support

Supporting both Bluetooth Audio and Remote Control, AVSub can be used completely wirelessly

Caching Support

AVSub can cache media for offline listening/viewing either as you play, or directly into the cache for quick pre-loading

Access Your Media Easily

Access your Subsonic playlists & podcasts, browse by most recently added, most recently played, browse your entire collection or search for something specific.

ID3 Tags

AVSub can browse either by file structure of ID3 tags. Multi-disc albums are also fully supported.


AVSub fully supports video (after in-app purchase) with full meta information for movies & TV. Either stream directly from Subsonic or cache for offline viewing later. Bitrate is configurable too! All popular formats are supported, including H264 & H265.

Album Art

AVSub loves your album art and will show it where possible.

WiFi & Mobile/Cellular

AVSub works just as well on a mobile/cellular network (3G/4G) as it does over WiFi

Apple CarPlay Support

AVSub offers a rich set of features in Apple CarPlay including access to your Subsonic media directly via streaming. You can also access your AVSub cache, play podcasts and internet radio.

Apple Watch Support

AVSub lets you sync directly between Subsonic and your Apple Watch with ease. No more messing around with iTunes. The AVSub watch app also support integrated on-watch playback.

Queue Management

AVSub has full now-playing playlist management, allowing you to add/remove/insert and re-order songs on the fly.

Google Cast & Amazon FireTV Support

AVSub supports multi-room video & audio with both Google Cast & Amazon FireTV (after in-app purchase).

Full AirPlay Support

Play audio direct to any AirPlay compliant device to steam your entire music library

Jukebox Support

AVSub supports Subsonic jukebox mode, letting you play music on your Subsonic server directly. Also see SubSatellite.

Universal Application

AVSub is a universal application, meaning it works on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. AVSub is optimised for each device/model, and fully supports both portrait and landscape

Designed for Subsonic

Subsonic is a free, web-based, multi-platform media streamer. With it you can access your music from anywhere.

AVSub News

28th April 2024 - AVSub is undergoing some visual changes alongside some internal changes that will make it easier to maintain. The cache has recently been completely re-written and the last update saw the Media Index get a new look.

The next release will contain a refreshed Now-Playing screen.