About AVSub

AVSub is an iOS audio streaming client for Subsonic or compatible servers. Initially the app was named CarSub.

The project orignally started because of the demise of (the excellent) iSub, another iOS Subsonic audio client. That application is no longer supported by the developer and is not compatible with iOS8, although the project has been made open source.

I wrote AVSub specifically for my own use. This is why one of the initial AVSub interfaces had large buttons, gestures and Bluetooth - I use it mainly in the car! I wanted the interface to be easy and quick to navigate, and not to be distracting. I found with a lot of the streaming applications that they have small, fiddly buttons that require precision touches.

The initial prototype didn't take long to get running, but the blocker was that Apple's AVPlayer library didn't fully support Subsonic's streaming protocols - at least at the best quality. This is where StreamingKit came to the rescue (after a couple of weeks of trying lots of other methods).

Once the audio quality issue was resolved, it took another 4-5 weeks to finish the first version, with what I considered to be the minimum feature set for release.

Since then, I've regularly added features to the app. AVSub now has 2 Now-Playing views. One with gestures, and another with regular buttons. It supports caching, iPad, iPhone 6/6 Plus screen resolutions, playlists,search and ID3 tags. You can also upgrade it to play video.

AVSub comes supports 5 languages too - English, French, German, Danish, Dutch.

If you have a question about the development of AVSub, please email avsub@rml-apps.com.

Features Coming Soon

TV show integration (just like movies) SubSatellite for iOS

Known issues with AVSub

Nothing, it's perfect ;-)
But let me know if you find something!

Features Requests & Bugs

If you have a feature request, please email it to avsub@rml-apps.com.

If you find an issue with AVSub, please describe how the issue can be recreated and email it to avsub@rml-apps.com.

Development Information

AVSub uses the licensed audio library LibBASS.

AVSub uses the open-source libraries MarqueeLabel, AirPlay Detector, kxMovie, SWTableViewCell, FXBlurView, iRate and GCDWebServer.

AVSub icons are originally from FlatIcon and FreePik and are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

If you have a question about the development of AVSub, please email avsub@rml-apps.com.